Friday, January 31, 2014

Free Sample Websites Discounts and Coupons

I absolutely LOVE free samples. I am one of those people who will sign up for a free sample, that I don’t need, and can’t use just because it is free.(Don’t worry I do not waste those I don’t need, I give them to those who can use them J). So if you love getting free samples (and even coupons) here are some sites that I personally love to get them from. 

P&G is a really good one, I have had some trouble with getting my coupon booklets from them, but I do get my samples.

Freeflys which is my absolute favorite!!! It is updated daily with freesamples.

Walmart yes wal mart does offer free samples, and coupons, the free samples are better than the coupons in my opinion.

Coupons this is a great site for coupons if you don't have access to a newspaper that has coupons.

Retail Me Not this is my favorite app on my mobile device, almost all clothing retailers accept the coupons, and discounts offereded on this app. It is free to download. 

Some other free sample sites that I haven't personally, but they are out there for you to try,

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