Friday, January 31, 2014

Sign Up and Earn

In this day and age almost everyone has access to the internet and use it on a regular if not a daily basis? From browsing the web, online shopping, social media, etc. What if I told you there were ways to make money and be rewarded by doing some of those thing you love? Sounds to good to be true , right? Well it isn’t!! There are actual websites out there that reward you for doing the things you love, like surfing the web, to watching videos, playing games. With these sites you can make some extra cash, and earn rewards. These ARE NOT a form of supplemental income, but they can add some income, and other things into your household with the click of a mouse.

My favorite site of this nature is
Swag Bucks works off a point system. You earn points (which is very easy to do), you trade the points in for various items, such as magazine subscriptions, gift cards to leading retailers like lowes,walmartgap, restaurants such as papa johns,, gas station gift cards, electronics,baby items, the list is endless. The great thing about swagbucks is that it is free to join and user friendly.

Another site similiar to swag bucks is I am slightly familiar with Inbox Dollars. I tried it out for a few months, but I personally did not care to much for it. It is a little less user friendly , and the graphics are very plain. The great part about inbox dollars is that you actually earn dollars. With Swagbucks you earn points, and can cash them in for paypal money which can be routed to your bank account. With inbox dollars you actually earn money, once you reach 30.00 they will mail you a check in the mail. Inboc dollars is also free to join. 

Recently Bing - joined in this type of reward site. I don't know much about it just yet but I am eager to find out. Considering that bing is a household name, and has worked hard to become that I do trust that it is trusted and won't let me down. If you are interested in trying bing out let me know you experineces with with.

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