Thursday, June 11, 2015


Dad already has a grill. Coffee mug, tools, worlds favorite dad hats and t-shirts. What more is there to buy him? This Fathers Day try something different. Make dad a gift, something from the heart that can be personalized and filled with love.

 Father's Day, Birthday, Retirement, etc. Candy Bar Tribute! Very cute greeting card    Father's Day Gift Ideas | Father's Day Printables from @The Dating Divas    DIY Fathers Day Gifts under $20 -  Fathers Day Canvas Gift idea  
                                 if you want more great fathers day ideas, click here -
Father's Day Free Printable Gift from @Catch My Party | Fathers Day Gift Ideas   10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts DIY Father's Day Gift Basket w/Printables -- I love doing gift baskets, and my hunny loves getting them. This is perfect! Father's Day Crafts here to find out more P.S. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IN HERE @Yulia Bekar Bekar watson  Need a super quick & simple DIY Fathers Day gift? You've come to the right place! This cute popcorn gift with free printable from @daricecrafts is so easy to put together!Handprint and Footprint Arts & Crafts: Footprint Keepsake Gift For Dad   LizzieJane Baby: Super Easy Father's Day Treatawesome thank you card - Turning into a fathers day card for the kids to make... Poppies At Play Tie Rack @Thea Engen... This looks like something that belongs in your house!Swedish Fish Father's Day Card Idea "Fishing you a happy father's day!" #kidscraftThis would be fun as a cross-stitched picture for the wall. It'd put "grandma" instead of grandpa. She spoils the kids more.  It's Written on the Wall: Fathers Day Gift Ideas For the Kids to Give to Dad-Super SimpleDIY Father's Day Gift Cute Father's Day gift ideas!  Guitar made from candy for your special guy this Valentine's DAy.  10 Awesome DIY Father’s Day Gifts | Like a Saturday - DIY, Crafts, Recipes, Shenanigans father's day card that keeps on giving - granddaughter to give to her dad one day  

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