Fun Things To Do With Kids

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On A Rainy Day  On A Snow Day   
And On A Cold Day
1.    Treasure Hunt
2.    Build Shapes With Popsicle Sticks
3.    Board Games
4.    Use Two Chairs, and Make a Fort
5.    Act Out A Story From A Book You Have Read
6.    Bake
7.    Tie Dye
8.    Dance Party
9.    Make A Card House
10. Use Pots, Pans, and Spoons and become a Rock Band
11. Hide and Seek
12. Shape., Letters, and Number Fun
13. Fingerpaint
14. Karaoke
15. Make objects using toothpicks and Marshmallows
16. Put water in a bowl, use various objects play Sink or Float Guessing Game
17. Use Dried Pasta, and Glue Get Creative
18. Use Painters Tape, and Make Hop Scotch On The Floor
19. Rearrange Furniture
20. Puzzles

On A Hot Summer Day
1.    Make Homemade Icecream
2.    Slip and Slide
3.    Go Ice Skating
4.    Water Balloon War
5.    Use Water From A Water Hose As Your Limbo Stick
6.    Water Sprinkler
7.    Use Water to Jump Rope
8.    Have The Kids Help You Wash The Car
9.    Take A Trip to and Indoor Pool
10. Get a Bat, Let Kids Practice Their Swing, By Hitting A Water Balloon
11. Find Nature Springs and Have a Dip, or Go Fishing

Just For Fun
1.    Visit Free Museums
2.    Tell Kids About When You Were  A Kid
3.    Make Arts and Crafts to Display Around the House
4.    Go Site Seeing
5.    Go to a Park and Have A Family Picnic
6.    Go Horseback Riding
7.    Go Test Drive Cars
8.    Visit Wildlife Reserves
9.    Write Stories Together
10. Garden Together
11. Write Letters to Families
12. Learn Magic Tricks
13. Paint Eaach Others Faces
14. Shadow Puppets
15. Emprov
16. Prank Call Grandparents
17. Draw Comics or Each Other

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