Ways To Save

1.                Always REMEMBER before you shop at any store, SIGN UP ON THEIR WEBSITE OR IN STORE. Those pesky email alerts can be annoying, but they often come with some great deals to help you save.
2.                Always check coupon websites before you go shopping.
3.                Plan your store visit, before you go to the store. This will help you to not over spend.
4.                Take advantage of the Wal Mart price match option. This combined with coupons can save you a great deal on your shopping visit.

5.                Set a budget before you go into the store, and stick to it.

6. Another great way for moms to save is by shopping for sales. Not just buying things because they are on sale. Compare sale Ads, try shopping at places like Wal Mart that offer price match, or places that let you double your coupons. Plan your trips in advance to the store know what is on sale, and what you plan to get. It is hard, but try to stick to your plan. This will help you save not only money, but also time. With a little one the quicker you get in and out the better. Also try taking a snack, or a gadget with you to the store. This will not only keep your little one entertained in the store, but may also distract them from asking for things you do not intend on purchasing.

7.Things like waffles, and pancakes cost an average of $3 for a box in the frozen food department. It is cheaper to buy a box of mix for an average of $2 which not only last longer, but cost less. True it is a bit more time consuming, but you have a lot more to save by doing this.

8.A lot of mom and pop stores have mark down on meats early in the mornings at least one day out of the week. Find out what day this is, and you could get packages of meat for $2 to $5 cheaper. Some of these stores do this mark down 2 days a week. 

9.Take advantage of the sign up and save opportunities. Many stores and restaurants offer text message and email alerts on deals. Take advantage of these notifications. Normally they ask how many times you would like to be contacted by them per month. Choose wisely, these alerts can get pretty annoying.

10.Take your lunch. Instead of throwing left overs away, brown bag it. 

11.Many restaurants offer free kid’s nights, or buy one adult entry get a kids meal free. Take advantage of those nights.

12.Apple cider vinegar is a wonder, yet cheap cleaning agent. Research it!! You can save a good bit of money by using this all natural product as a substitute. Not to mention it doesn’t include any harsh chemicals.

13.When you or your little one out grow clothes, don’t throw them away (if you don’t donate them) sell them. Consignment is a great option to sell, and buy. Yard sales are another good idea.

14. If yard sales , and consignment aren’t for you consider having a trading party with your friends. I recently saw this on a tv show. I think it is a great idea everyone brings things they no longer want and/or need, and trade with each other. It sure bits going to the store.

15. Surprisingly teaching your kids about money can help you save. If you teach your child the value of their own dollar, by doing chores and spending their own money for things they want they will value yours more.  The importance or making them save for things they want will insure that they not save their money and use yours for things they don’t want to buy. This also teaches them money managing responsibilities.

My favorite savings website

With the holidays approaching, it is nice to save a little when possible. If your little one is like mine this will come in handy. Walmart offers pre owned game purchases online. They also offer this in store, but not as cheap. Many of these every day pre owned game deals are better than the Black Friday deals. Check it out by clicking on the link.

By now everyone has heard of the 52 week money challenge. I am attempting this myself. I ran across a suggestion by someone who made a good amendment to this challenge which makes it a lot less challenging in my opinion . Trent stated :” Each week, make it your goal to save as much as you can. Can you save $20 this week? How about $40? How about $52? The higher you can make that number, the better. You can bump that number up through little choices during the week.At the end of the week, just cross off the line on the “money challenge” table that matches how much you were able to save. If you were only able to sock away $15 this week, cross off the $15 line. If you saved $52 this week, cross off the $52 line.Why do this? If you just follow the chart as-is, you’re going to eventually run into a week where it’s not easy to make that goal. If you fail for a week, it’s going to feel pretty tough to get back on the routine. On the other hand, some weeks are going to be full of opportunities and saving $40 or $50 will be much easier. On top of that, you’re going to be most enthusiastic about this project at the start, which means it makes sense to try to cross off a few big numbers during the first few weeks.”(on his website , http://www.thesimpledollar.com/thoughts-on-the-52-week-money-challenge/)
Trent makes a very valid point here, and I agree with him. Others have also stated that you could flip the chart upside down, and start at week 52. Whatever works for you :) .

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